Wellness is your birthright.
Protect it for life with TriVita Shield.


We believe wellness comes from the desire to be well and having the right information to make the right choices.

The traditional method of diagnosing and treating is a passive approach to maintaining our health. Our philosophy is that everyone can be healthy when we have the knowledge to make good choices. We also believe we can achieve our greatest potential when we take a whole-person-wellness approach.

Our approach to whole-person-wellness starts with taking a 360-degree view of you so you understand your individual body’s needs, risks and propensities. Once we have this understanding of our body we can apply the right nurturing, nutrients and create a healthier environment to help mitigate risks and promote sustainable wellbeing.

Protect Your Health
Protect Your Health

Everything about you is unique. Shouldn't your plan for wellness be too?

When it comes to creating a plan for whole-person-wellness there is no one size fits all. That's why TriVita Shield is all about the unique you.

Through a clinically validated assessment of your genetics, medical, family history and lifestyle we can help you create a Personalized Healthy Living Plan™ tailored to your precise health needs and goals. Add individualized coaching and you've got a complete plan for personalized wellness!

We are more than our DNA

Your DNA does not dictate your destiny. Ready to be your best?

No matter what your age, scientists are discovering that living longer and staying healthy is more a matter of our lifestyle choices than our genes. Wondering what kind of diet makes sense for you, the supplements your body really needs, or what exercise program to follow? With TriVita Shield, you get those answers and more. Clear, effective, and affordable recommendations that show you how to be in control of your genetic expression while reducing your risk of preventable disease.

The Science of Living

Your path to wellness starts with you taking control.

Every week, it seems there's a new recommendation about what we should be doing to stay well. But are the findings scientifically validated? More importantly, do they apply to you? TriVita Shield puts control back in your hands by giving you the answers based on credible science. Our validated predictive model is based on over 30,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications and pulls data from an ethnically, diverse pool of over 70 million people. Now that’s information you can trust.

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